CirKel is Danish for circle. You know, recycle, re-use and all that circular stuff. The concept of classified ads is nothing new however, there has never been a better time to buy and sell used goods. There are numerous positive environmental reasons for a used market place like CirKel. Just think about it, the used items you sell or buy don’t go into the land fill or require a garbage truck to pick them up, they go on to be made useful by someone else who may have purchased that item new. A win win situation!

CirKel is not just a used market. It is also a great place for want ads or jobs postings. Employers can place jobs and people seeking employment can find jobs. And it doesn’t stop there. Local businesses and trades people can post an ad for their business or service to increase exposure.

Our service is free to join and free to use.  You are not required to join in order to browse the ads but if you want to place and ad or contact someone through their ad using our internal form you will need to sign up. There is also a premium ad service which does cost $5.99 and enhances your ads exposure.

That’s CirKel in a nutshell. So what are you waiting for? Find one near you on the list on the home page and go check it out!